A bucket list of my lifetime

A bucket list of my lifetime

People wait…
All week for Fridays,
All year for summer,
All life for happiness.

A life ‘waited’ to be lived is a life ‘wasted’
I just got so pumped thinking about life that I thought of writing a post on my to-do-list. Many of us live in a belief that “someday” we will live our lives according to ourselves. This post is specially dedicated to those kinda people, who need to know there is no ‘someday‘, it is all about TODAY.
In this post I will be mentioning about the DREAMS I want to fulfill, the things that I INTEND to ACHIEVE and some LIFE EXPERIENCES I wish to THRIVE on.
This list has been deep seated in my heart for almost 3 years, out of which some indeed have been fulfilled. But there is a lot more to explore and experience. This post will certainly encourage me to live my dreams and may help you to make your own to-do-list. With time, I would definitely increase my checklist as life moves on :
So without any further delay, let us delve into my checklist πŸ™‚
My Bucketlist :
Fall in Love
Go on a bike trip to Leh
Own a house and live alone
Go deep sea diving at Andaman Islands
Go on a mountain trek
Go paragliding over the Swiss Alps
Have a picnic beneath the Eiffel Tower in Paris
Learn to play a Sitar
Help a stranger
Live in a different country
Read my favorite book
Perform live in front of the public
Visit the seven wonders of the world
Go on a backpacking trip
Go camping in the forests
Learn to dance
Go skydiving over Atlantis, The Palm
Visit the Universal Studios
Visit the Waitomo Glowworm Caves (NZ)
Visit the European countrysides
Keep a journal
Win an award
Go on a jungle safari
Go on a Scandinavian and Mediterranean Cruise
Walk down the Sydney Harbour Bridge with my love
Visit the blue lagoons at Iceland
Do something crazy and spontaneous
Chase the Northern lights ~ Aurora Borealis
Visit Disneyland
Sit in the steepest railway in the world
Fly in a helicopter
Swim with dolphins
Go island hopping
Go horse-riding
Watch over sunset from the green rice paddy fields
Gatecrash a stranger’s wedding
Experience the Hot Air balloon festival at Cappadocia, Turkey
Volunteer an NGO
Visit Tommorowland
Watch the Koala in it’s natural habitat
Plan a trip within 24 hours
Try a new hobby
Ride all the roller coasters in a theme park
Visit the Geithoorn Village in Netherlands

Plant a tree and watch it grow
Face one of my biggest fears
Be in a fulfilling relationship
Start my own family
Walk down the Helix bridge
Start my own venture
Go to Times Square on New Year’s Eve
Visit Amsterdam’s red light district
Carve my own garden
Run a marathon
Dive at the Great Barrier Reef
Ride over a camel in the deserts
Watch over a sunrise on the beach
Visit a volcano
Get fit and reach my ideal weight
Live a gadget free life
Start with my blog
Be on the top of the tallest building of the World
Go on a romantic date with my love facing the Eiffel Tower
It’s all about living your life to work or working to ‘Live’. This was my list of a few things done and undone. How about you all? If you too share any mutual wish with me, do mention about that in the comments section below. Also you may share your experiences of how you fulfilled any of your wishes.
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