Brillare Intenso Hair Fall Control Conditioner|Review 💇

Brillare Intenso Hair Fall Control Conditioner|Review 💇

Trying over a couple of safe haircare products and choosing out the best of them has always been a task for me.
Lately, I came across the brand Brillare Science which mainly emphasizes on the safe list of ingredients for our hair and skin, keeping them as natural and safe as possible sans toxic chemicals.
I tried my hands on the Brillare Hairfall Control Conditioner which I mainly intended to try in order to control my hairfall which seemed to have bothered me a lot lately and also as I was looking for a good and affordable conditioner to manage my frizzy and brittle hair which got worse during the weather change.


The Brillare Intenso Hairfall Control Conditioner comes in a plastic tube packaging with a rotating cap and a nozzle, carrying about 125gms of product and retailing for Rs 325

This conditioner is designed to bring back the strength of the hair and the scalp by massaging a little quantity on the wet hair strands post taking a head bath.

Hydrolysed Soya proteins and vitamins (D penthanol niacinamide and tocopheryl acetate are the active ingredients which also form the building blocks for strengthening the weak and damaged hair.

How to Apply?

This conditioner is meant to be massaged from the roots to the shaft of the hair and thereby washing it off in a few minutes post its application.

My Experience :

My hair feel a lot better in texture after having used this conditioner for a while. They’ve got a lot more smoother and easy to sort post headwash.

Also with the absence of any sulphates or parabens made me a lot more confident to use this product making me sure about limiting the use of chemicals on my hair.

After trying out this conditioner, I would love to try the different range of shampoos available for different types of hair in the market from Brillare Science

Strengths :

  1. Comes in a travel-friendly packaging
  2. Vegan
  3. Cruelty-free
  4. Free from sulfates and parabens
  5. Works on strengthening the hair
  6. My hair have become way more manageable
  7. Improves the texture of the hair
  8. Easy on pocket
  9. Reduced my hairfall to a great extent


If you are looking for a hair conditioner which is easy on the pocket and is free from harmful toxins and chemicals you could give this brand a try without regretting. There are a lot many variants available in the Brillare Science as per the different needs of every individual’s hair and skin texture.

Buy the Brillare Intenso Hairfall Conditioner from here

Have you used any products from fox brand? If yes, do share your experience with me in the comments section below.

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