Maybelline Fit Me Concealer | Review

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer | Review

Hey you all ! It has been months since I blogged and it took me a lot of courage to get back to my blogging regime. A lot has been happening over in my life and I shall be sharing it soon with you all. However, since now I feel a bit settled, here I am with another review on my blog.

Concealers are definitely a big deal in any girl’s make up stash and a good concealer can certainly make or break your entire look.
Besides matching up the right shade for the under eye area, it is also important to consider a lot many other factors for a good and effective concealer, such as it’s : consistency, coverage, its lasting power and it’s overall effect on the face.

Today I will be reviewing one of my favourite budget concealers which have been ruling the concealer market and my make up stash since years. A product that I usually restock before it starts ending up and usually carry with me in my bag when applied.

About the product :

The Maybelline Fit Me range comes in a wide variant options of 8 different shades, making it possible for various skin tones to find their suitable match. I use the SHADE 10 (LIGHT) which suits the best for me in covering up my dark circles

  • Pricing & Quantity : The product retails for Rs 475 for about 6.8ml of product (which is quite a lot as little goes a long way)
  • Packaging : The product comes in a see-through plastic tube packaging making it easier to lookout for the shades along with a door foot applicator which makes the application of the product very easy and simple
  • Availability : Maybelline official website, Nykaa, Amazon, Flipkart

    How To Apply :
  1. Prime your undereye : Using a tiny bit of Aloe Vera gel or any gel (I personally use the Aroma Magic Under Eye Gel) underneath my eyes and let it seep in. You could even use a primer for this purpose
  2. Application : I place a few dots on the inner corner of my eyes which are quite darker as compared to the outer corners
  3. Blend : Blending in the product by gently dabbing it and rather not running over my skin like a cream. I use my fingers preferably to blend my concealers so as to avoid creasing and also because the warmth of my fingers helps the product to blend in effortlessly. You could even use a brush or a blender for the same.

Usage :

  1. This is an oil free concealer which is breathable and gets blended into the skin easily
  2. It is not made up of any waxes or oils
  3. A small quantity of product is required around the inner corner of the eyes and therefore a little goes a long way
  4. The concealer doesn’t crease up and rather has an amazing consistency (thin to medium)
  5. The concealer has a medium coverage which is buildable
  6. The door foot applicator makes it super easy to apply the product on the concerned area of the face
  7. This concealer lasts for about 5-6 hours on me, making it very satisfactory for me (I’ve never tried it on my face for more than 6 hrs)
  8. Using a compact or some loose powder over the concealer helps increase the longevity of this product (specially during summers)
  9. This concealer, despite being sans oil does not dry out my undereye area unlike many other budget concealers out there in the market
  10. This product helps me even out the skin tone efficiently thereby giving a very natural look on the face and instantly brightening up my undereye area

My take on the product :

  • I have been using this concealer since years
  • I love the effect and the way it spreads out easily
  • My undereyes don’t feel trapped or get heavy post it’s application
  • It gives medium to full coverage thereby covering up my dark circles or any marks on my face
  • The product lasts a long time ( if applied properly)


I have been using this concealer since a long time and despite having tried a lot many other budget concealers, this one however still stays on the top of my list making my everyday basic make up real quick and satisfactory. I love the way it brings on an instant brightening effect thereby covering up my dark circles. My eyes look uplifted and super fresh. Any good product, ranging for about Rs 475 is a great purchase and a must have in one’s closet I believe. Henceforth, I would rate it as 4/5.
How about your take on this concealer? Have you used this product? Let me know in the comments section below!
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