Top 5 Savory Snacks To Relish With Your Cup Of Green Tea

Top 5 Savory Snacks To Relish With Your Cup Of Green Tea

Hey you all ! How has September been treating you ? It’s fall, the time when everything bursts with its last beauty and a few more weeks would head towards the chilly season of the year.
With temperatures gradually decreasing and the crisp breeze in the air, one just wants to grab on a hot cup of tea along with a light snack to indulge in. And here, with the word ‘tea’, I certainy am referring to one of the healthiest beverages ~ Green Tea

Green Tea :

I always love sipping my cup of green tea along with a great snack in the evening.We all are aware how much antioxidants, flavinoids and immune boosting qualities are possessed by this super drink. Depending upon their quality and the way their leaves are processed, green teas are available in a whole bunch of four main flavor profiles :

  • vegetative
  • floral
  • fruity or
  • smoky

Each of these profiles are supposed to accentuate the taste of certain meals in the most pleasant way.
Green teas, due to their earthy and vegetative palettes combine well with vegetarian dishes, salads and light chicken dishes. Pairing the right kind of food with your drink not only enhances the taste of the dish as well as the drink itself. However, being a vegetarian myself, I would like to explore my tastes only on the vegetarian niche with my perfect cup of Green Tea with you all.
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Here is a robust list of my top 5 savory snacks you could relish with your cup of green tea that will have you covered for the weekends and will help you carry well through the Autumn, well into winters :

  1. Wholewheat Pasta Salad :What could be better than a wholewheat pasta salad combined with exotic veggies along with your citrus flavored green tea ? My absolute favorite on a long tiring day with minimalistic cooking required, this pasta salad is effortless to make. All we need is just a light fragrant infusion of veggies as we don’t want to overpower the salad’s taste in comparison to our tea. The presence of vegetables makes the note of this dish very earthy and one can feel the burst of vegetables in each bite along with a citrus flavored green tea which adds on an extra zing to it.
    veg AOP pasta
  2. Chili Cheese Toast : Pairing up tea with cheese is happening over the most innovative cafe’s around the world. Mixing up milk or sugar is not recommended along with cheese and that is why green tea pairs the best with such a snack. After you’ve swallowed something cheesy, warm green tea can certainly lift the coating from your taste buds and give you a secondary hit of earthy and aromatic notes. A herbal tea like jasmine green tea works amazingly on the taste buds in combination with cheese. However, a chili cheese toast would go really well with a herbal green tea too. Very easy to prepare and almost ready in 5 minutes on a pan or baked in the oven, this combination shall be a must try for the green tea lovers. You just need a slice of bread coated with butter, some chopped green/red chilies, grated cheese on the top sprinkled with some dried herbs and you’re good to devour this toast.
  3. Mushroom and Broccoli Salad : I’ve been loving whipping up this salad in the recent times as it is so quick and easy to prepare plus a major change from the conventional Caesar or Lettuce salads. Simple to make and ready in no time, I always enjoy this salad with my cup of green tea. Combining this salad with Chinese Green Tea would provide you with a smoky flavor. This salad can even be consumed along with the green tea in iced form.
    Click here : For Full Recipe of Mushroom and Broccoli Salad
  4. Classic Cucumber Sandwiches : Basic cucumber sandwiches in combination with very slight butter along with some salt and pepper in a bread slice is a 2 minute sandwich you could relish with your cup of green tea. Indian green teas are highly recommended with sandwiches as they have a slight sweetness in them.veg cucumber sandwich
  5. Couscous Salad : A healthy and fresh couscous salad along with a zingy lemon zest in your cup of green tea is another great option to make up for a filling snack in the evening. Lemon Green tea could pump up the flavors of the couscous salad as this salad is mildly flavored and it would not over accentuate the taste of your green tea.
    Click here : For Full Recipe of Couscous saladVegetarian-Couscous-Salad

There are a lot many pairings that can be mixed and matched along with your cup of Green Tea. What is your favorite ? Have you thought of mindfully pairing up your food with your favorite tea? Let me know in the comments section below πŸ™‚

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