Responsible Consumerism Practices 🌏

Responsible Consumerism Practices 🌏

I had been wanting to write over this post since a very long time on my site. And finally I finished off with all my early morning errands with my cup of tea to finally pen down my thoughts on the ethical consumerism standards that we all need to take care of as responsible humans.
The season of festivities is on a run in India and it couldn’t be a better time when I’d like you all to go through my thoughts during this time. During festivals, we usually end up splurging our pockets on unnecessary and unwanted stuff.

All of us, including me are unable to follow certain standards, be it as a micro influencer. I may not have a lot many readers or followers who strictly follow up my posts, but even for those small percentage of my dedicated and faithful readers, here is something important I’d like to share with you all 🙂

Consumerism seeks to enforce laws against unfair trade practices and help in showcasing truthful product guarantees. But beyond that, we consumers as a concerned party are equally responsible to maintain these standards. Every product that we use today has a potential to impact the balance of nature.

  1. Buy Less ; Choose Well : Now and then I have realized to have wasted my limited resources : money, time and efforts over a bunch of things not required or things without which I can do well in life. Buying only what you require becomes the toughest challenge for all of us. Prioritizing things and only investing into things /products required would not just reduce wastage to a great level and induce sustainability for the coming generations, but it would also help us organize things well and effectively, thereby encouraging a turnover from over consumption followed by a reduction in wastage.

  2. Using Reusable & Recycable Products : Talking about make up or skincare or any random purchases, investing into products whose apparatus can be reused or recycled is a great way in maintaining sustainability for the coming times. Recycling is an energy intensive activity, aiming to discourage the plastic tide. Using jute bags or carrying your own bags while on a grocery shopping spree would help you save those extra packets.
  3. Eco friendly products : Investing into products that do not intend to harm the nature during their manufacturing could certainly bring about a major change worldwide. Even taking small baby steps towards inducing eco friendly products would be a great move for all of us.
  4. Vegan products : Not using products containing animal or animal by products is the necessity of the hour today. That is certainly the least we could do to stop all that torture on the animals. We humans have left nothing in the world which we haven’t exploited. Testing harmful chemical products, medicines or beauty products on animals is the worst thing happening around the world which certainly needs to be discouraged.
  5. Organic : Using products that are free from any chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers or any other artificial chemicals (be it food, vegetables, milk, beauty products, clothes or anything) would help discourage the use of these harmful ingredients that have seeped deep into our lifestyle. With the use of Organic products, one could raise our own quality of living
  6. GMO, Paraben and Chemical Free Products :
    Eating genetically modified food or using chemicals over our skins in form of beauty products is the gravest harm we can do to ourselves. Opting for toxin free and chemical free products would not only keep our bodies healthy but rather also protect the environment around us. Isn’t that all about making healthier choices in the multiple areas of our lives ?

What do you all think about supporting and using sustainable products ? Don’t you think it is time to gather the knowledge regarding what all products we need to invest into?

Opting for a healthy regimen can be easier, once we make the decision to follow such standards.
How about your thoughts on the above topic? Let me know in the comments section below 🙂

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