The Milk Bubble Essence Pack (Plain) by G9SKIN Global 🥛

The Milk Bubble Essence Pack (Plain) by G9SKIN Global 🥛

I’d been lucky enough to get this Milk Bubble Essence Pack (PLAIN) from the grand G9SKIN Global in my mail.

The brand G9SKIN Global is a Korean brand which has been innovating a lot many skincare products and have been changing the skincare game in the Asian Markets. Their products never compromise on the quality as well as the packaging. They’ve got every aspect spruced and sorted.
Jumping on my take for this product :

The MILK BUBBLE ESSENCE PACK comes in 2 variants : Plain & Strawberry. However, I got the plain one so let’s talk about it.

The Milk Bubble Essence pack has a catchy and a unique packaging. I love the color theme of pink and white on this bottle. The product comes in a plastic bottle with a pump (which adds onto the hygiene factor as well)

This pack does not need to be washed away. It has a creamy medium consistency which glides onto the warm skin effortlessly just like melted butter you may say. The milk bubble essence definitely has to go by it’s name. The pack aces in the moisturizing game but it comes with a twist. The Milk Protein Extracts + carbonated bubbles provide moisture to the skin and as soon as you spread the pack. These carbonated bubbles get activated after coming in contact with the air (in 2 – 3 minutes) and they thereby turn into tiny and fine bubbles which can be massaged well into the skin. It’s like the skin drinking in and retaining in all that moisture.

It’s pretty cold here in North India and I’ve been using this religiously for the past 2 weeks as a moisturizer for my PM routines. I haven’t felt any irritation on my skin and rather I love how well moisturized, supple and plump my skin looks.
I apply this pack and massage it well into my skin and nothing more is required after that. Also not to miss out on the sweet and yummy fragrance which uplifts my mood and is so exhilarating.
The ingredients are not clear as everything was mentioned in Korean language on the backside. It would be great if they mention about the ingredients in English as well (just a suggestion though)
This product is one of its kind. Something very unique and my savior for the winters. I’ve been going all gaga over this. Can’t wait to try some more amazing products from this brand.

Thank you G9SKIN Global for sending over this amazing product to try.
{ Gifted, but the love is completely honest }

Have you indulged into korean Skincare yet ? If yes, then which is that one product that has totally changed your skincare game ? Let me know in the comments section below 🙂

Lotsa Love

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