Detox & Exfoliate Your Skin With This Simple 4 Ingredient DIY Mask

Detox & Exfoliate Your Skin With This Simple 4 Ingredient DIY Mask

Welcome back to my Quarantine series. I feel a bit motivated nowadays to write regularly and try something new. I just uploaded a small IGTV on my page : @the_glitterati_affair . You could also follow me here 🙂

I came over to my hometown to my parents in mid March and left almost all of my masks and scrubs back home as I never had the space to carry that much. But I never knew that I would be here and a lockdown phase would be announced owing to the current health scenario going on in the country.

But that definitely doesn’t mean that I don’t mask. Being a Sunday, I wanted to indulge in an exfoliating mask that not only left my skin squeaky clean but also boosted it’s glow.

Natural beauty starts in the kitchen & what you apply on your skin. Here is an all natural face mask made with oatmeals & everyday ingredients that you could easily find in your pantry.
With the lockdown extended and no scope of getting back to my scrubs or masks back home,I tried this simple and effective mask that not only exfoliated my skin but also detoxified it with a fresh and supple looking skin

Mix in all the ingredients


  • 3/4th spoon of Oatmeal powder (grinded)
  • 3/4th spoon of Cocoa powder
  • 3 spoons of raw milk (any)
  • 2 drops of sweet almond oil

Application :

  • Mix in all the ingredients and make sure no lumps are left
  • Apply the mask all over your face leaving the area around your eyes and lips
  • Keep it on for 15 minutes or until dry
  • Wash off with normal water
The Mix will look something like this

Benefits :

  • Oatmeal is a gentle exfoliant that removes away the dead skin effectively without being too harsh on the skin
  • Cocoa Powder helps increase the blood circulation and boosts hydration in the skin . It is also associated with some amazing skin firming properties
  • Milk adds moisture to the skin and helps clean the skin effectively
  • Almond Oil is super nourishing for the skin and helps improve skin cell turnover and reverses sun damage

You could try this once in a week to see visible results as this would free up your skin from free radicals and cause a significant increase in blood flow to the skin thereby hydrating it.

Try this and thank me later 💕

Keep Glittering

Stay safe and healthy

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