Protecting Dry & Cracked Hands During COVID 19?

Protecting Dry & Cracked Hands During COVID 19?

Hey you all,

It’s been a while since I posted anything out here. Had some issues with my site which got fixed after a lot of struggle (during the times of a lockdown, which almost seemed impossible to me). And to start off with anything else here, I had to talk about the only thing that most of us are talking about : COVID-19 and Handcare !

With the suggestions to wash our hands every now and as per the WHO guidelines, are we even taking enough care of our hands?

Our skin naturally produces oils and waxes that act as a protectant to our hands . Thus, increased handwashing and frequent use of sanitizers strip those oils away thereby making our skin more vulnerable.

For those who suffer from dry hands or pre-existing skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, over washing can make them worse.
Frequent handwashing or sanitizing the hands in order to combat Covid-19 is the solution but also using a moisturizing soap, immediately followed by drying them and applying a hand cream is equally important. This is mainly to prevent dryness of your hands because cracked skin can lead to more skin infections.

When you have water on your hands, the air pulls out that water on your skin and it goes into the air, leaving your hands dry.
I recommend you to use any oil based hand creams as they prevent any water loss from the hands. Avoid lotions as they are generally water based and may lead to even more dryness.

I have started using hand creams religiously and currently am stuck up with the one from Nykaa Beauty. I’d never thought that I’ll be needing to stock upon handcreams but that has become a necessity for me. It gives a lot of relief to my stretchy & dry skin and provides my hands with an instant hydration without making them any slippery or oily.
Also, I love the mild fragrance of Vanilla that this hand cream has which certainly boosts up my mood and keeps me comfortable until I wash them off again with soap and water. Plus just a pea sized amount is required but due to over dryness I tend to use a little more nowadays.

In these times of distress ,

Please stay inside and stay safe 🙂

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