The Zara #HOLIDAYMOOD Fragrance

The Zara #HOLIDAYMOOD Fragrance

Fragrances have been associated with not only uplifting ones mood but also boosting our confidence and working as aromatherapy.

Zara is a fashion brand that is known to almost all of us. But not only does it deal into fashion and accessories but also some amazing fragrances that could act pretty nice as high end niche fragrances. I always get tempted to buy them from their billing counters.

I got my hands on The ZARA #HOLIDAYMOOD EDT which is a fun fragrance that will definitely uplift one’s spirits and trigger your sweet tooth.

The best thing about Zara perfumes is that they’re inexpensive and are a perfect dupe for many high end and expensive scents. It’s always not necessary to shell out a handsome amount to smell expensive as this fashion brand has definitely got us sorted.

Packaging & Pricing :

This ethereal essence comes in a purple coloured glass bottle with a nozzle to spritz. The bottle holds about 100ml of product and retails for Rs 650 which is quite prudent in my opinion.


  • The fragrance reveals basic notes of tutti-frutti, peach and vanilla that you’re likely to spritz and fall in love with
  • This creates a bright and a vibrant scent and is perfect for spring to summer
  • Despite having vanilla as one of the basic notes, you can’t really pick up on a strong vanilla scent
  • The unique fruity and vanilla notes last for a long time and the unforgettable scent is truly worth the price
  • A little runs a long way. I’ve worn this for 5 hrs straight and I was amazed with its staying power
  • I feel all scents from Zara are always affordable
  • A great option for daily office wear or for a casual outing
  • It also is a practical gifting option
  • If you’re looking for a refined and a dainty fragrance then this got you covered 💕

Zara fragrances are sold online and you could definitely rely on this particular one by either ordering online or picking it up from a Zara store nearby you. I’ve just used this one a few times and I’m already head over heels for this one.

These fragrances are not very heavy on the pocket and easily can fit into one’s budget.

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