My First Impressions on The Gua Sha

My First Impressions on The Gua Sha

Hey guys, how are you all doing? Hope things are settled and sane amidst the lockdown which has yet again been extended in India.

I have been indulging into a lot of activities that otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to try and one of the newest of all of them was trying out something new in my skincare: ‘The Gua Sha’

How I learnt about The Gua Sha

I was gifted a Gua Sha by Fourth Ray Beauty around the beginning of this year and I was amazed to have it. Those of you who follow me on Instagram @the_glitterati_affair must have seen the unboxing of a giveaway that I won via Fourth Ray Beauty Cosmetics (a sister brand of Colourpop cosmetics & Sol body) .

Not that I had never heard about this technique before, but I was just amateur at that time to just start using it up in my skincare regime immediately that eventually left this Gua sha unused in my almirah for about 3 months straight. I still had no intentions to use it until a normal boring day just propelled me to look for it during the quarantine. It was then that I actually thought of giving it a try and watched a few YouTube videos as well. I did not understand the knack to it immediately but once I started doing it,it really felt relaxing and mind blowing to me.

After that I actually used to look forward to my night time skincare regime and that’s when I actually fell in love with this.

Meaning of Gua Sha

The word ‘Gua Sha‘, is derived from a Chinese word in which ‘Gua’ means ‘scraping‘ and ‘Sha‘ refers to as ‘redness of the skin.’

This holistic technique is mainly practiced to channelize the stagnant energy also referred to as ‘chi‘ thereby helping it move around the body. It is believed that this energy should circulate well within the body to ensure it’s well being and health.


Benefits of Gua Sha

  1. This tool is meant to channelize the lymphatic nodes and the complex waste drainage system of the body
  2. Not forgetting how expensive and painstaking measures like botox and fillers can be, gua sha is a natural and a less invasive technique for a glowy and a healthy skin
  3. It’s upward strokes helps in relaxing the stiff muscles and promote tissue drainage
  4. It helps give the skin a lifted,firmer and a smoother look overall
  5. The tool works the best for those who have bloated or puffy skin
  6. It has been proven to reduce wrinkles and firming up the sagging skin of the face and neck thereby giving a more sculpted appearance to the areas it is practised the most

Have you ever indulged into Gua Sha? Also would you like me to tell you all more about this technique? Let me know in the comments section below 🙂

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