Kelin Disinfectant Spray

Kelin Disinfectant Spray

Finding it tough to sanitize surfaces that are prone to carry maximum germs ? With a pandemic like Corona hitting the globe, we all have gone extra cautious. We might be cleaning our groceries, clothes and sanitizing our homes regularly but even then, small things & places like door knobs, taps, envelopes, keys, gadgets, courier boxes, chairs,car seats, carpets, curtains (and much more) are high traffic surfaces that touch many hands and aren’t meant to be washed just by soap & water always.
So I got my hands on this disinfectant spray from KELIN

All About The Product :

  • This disinfectant spray seems like a multi tasker that helps in sanitizing many surfaces that need cleaning a number of times in a day
  • The spray comes in a handy bottle carrying about 170gm of product and retailing for Rs 199/-
  • Kills a wide range of bacteria, virus & fungi
  • Can be used on a number of hard or soft surfaces at home
  • The nozzle brings about an even spray
  • The spray has a mild pleasant smell ( mainly floral) that fades away in a few minutes.
  • Very easy to spray and carry


  • Shake the bottle well before use
  • At a distance of 15-20 cm , place the object and spray gently
  • Do not use on fabric, food, copper or brass
  • Bottle may burst if exposed to heat or exposed to temperatures above 50Β°C
  • Do not puncture or ignite the can even if empty

You may easily spot this at any local pharmacy!

Fighting a Global crisis that we’re facing now, a rapidly spreading pandemic, explodes this ethos. No one can deal with this threat in a vacuum. Surely, there are steps you can take to protect yourself and your family πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§ πŸ™

Stay Safe ; Stay Home β™₯️

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