Wishing all my readers a Happy Independence Day. Today is the day when we politically attained freedom from a century long colonialism from the Britishers. Independence in my opinion is to be free from any chains of castism, racism, poverty, corruption and bias occuring to the ones who still suffer to make a mark today. I am proud to be an Indian and I hope I make my country proud one day.

Coming onto the topic of today, I wanted to review a product that I was gifted by Forest Essentials, which is an Indian brand and is renowned for making luxurious ayurvedic and organic wellness products.

Masking has certainly become an essential part of my skincare regime. It’s actually that time in the week when I can relax my senses and just dedicate sometime to self pampering.

I have believed in kitchen ingredients and grandma’s secrets when it comes to skincare. I always feel that a few ingredients from the kitchen can do wonders to our skin. With the kind of lifestyles, pollution all around and how chemically charged our skincare already, I got my hands on this Facial Soundarya Ubtan by Forest Essentials which is an Indian brand and is crafted from the finest and purest of ingredients. It aims at treating specific skin concerns such as dullness, pigmentation and blemishes.


This Facial Ubtan Mask is a blend of some of the fine ingredients sourced from India and is meant to suit all skin types. The best part about this product is it’s utility. It can be used as a face scrub, masque and even a cleanser depending on the skin requirements. This facial mask helps in giving a radiant finish to the skin.


  1. Orange Peels
  2. Lemon extracts
  3. Neem extracts
  4. Rose flower powder
  5. Jasmine flower powder
  6. Fennel powder
  7. Fruit Extracts
  8. Saffron Flower extract
  9. Sandalwood Oil
  10. Turmeric


I have a travel sized variant of this one and this Ubtan comes in a see through plastic box with a black rotating cap. The Ubtan was a gift to me therefore I do not know its price but it carries 8gms or 0.28 oz of product in it. This product is made in India.


This facial Ubtan has a fine powdery texture which is gentle and does not feel gritty or harsh over the skin. The powder is mustard in colour mainly due to the presence of orange peel, turmeric and saffron extracts. The Ubtan has an authentic fragrance of condiments and feels like a product right out of the kitchen.


I always swear by multitasking products because they can be used in so many ways. This facial Ubtan may be used as a face masque, scrub or even a cleanser . I love using this product as a masque cum cleanser by gently scrubbing it off post 15 minutes.

This powder can be mixed up with :

  • yogurt,
  • whole milk
  • rose water
  • tomato juice
  • aloe vera juice
  • water
  • almond oil

It all depends on the skin requirements so as to enhance the potency of this ubtan to create a suitable consistency but I love mixing it up with rose water and yogurt too.

This face mask kind of freshens up and cleans off my face efficiently thereby giving it a beautiful glow. The typical kitchen condiment fragrance is not overpowering at all and doesn’t linger on post washing.


  • I personally felt squeaky clean skin
  • It did not dry out my skin
  • It neither broke me out
  • It gave an instant brightness to my face
  • Very easy to apply

This product may be very beneficial for those with dullness and pigmentation. I noticed a viable change on my face post using this and it really works on such skin types.


  • The full size product available in stores or online retails for INR 1075 for about 80gms which is quite expensive in my opinion
  • Some people also may be allergic to natural products present in this ubtan


I feel this product does it’s job well and I’m glad that I got the chance to use this from Forest Essentials. I love using this but also not to ignore that this product is expensive and a bit heavy on my pocket and I would think twice before spending on this product.

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