Your First Trimester Checklist 📝

Your First Trimester Checklist 📝

I have been receiving a lot of love on my parenting posts and a lot many requests to share information regarding my journey related to pregnancy and motherhood. Henceforth, I thought of sharing my personal experiences on the same along with a few tips and basic information which could change your outlook during this beautiful phase of your life !

Since you have already found out that you have a new life inside you, here are a few things that you should be looking forward to during your first trimester :

  1. Getting yourself a doctor and having your basic tests done : The first and foremost of all the steps is to find yourself a gynaecologist and get yourself checked up. Your doctor would certainly prescribe you for a blood test and start off with the initial doses to and to check up with how many weeks have already passed by. Be regular with your routine check ups and just stay relaxed.
  2. Starting with a daily folic acid supplement: Some of the initial doses include those of Folic Acid, which help in the brain and the nerve development of your baby. Go as per the advice of your gynaecologist and trust him/her. Take your medication accordingly and be consistent in your check ups.
  3. If you smoke or drink ; its time to quit : Getting yourself out of certain habits which could harm you or your baby need to be stopped. Talk to your gynaecologist if you need to make certain lifestyle changes and quit drinking and smoking as they would not help you or your baby anyhow during this phase.
  4. Cutting down on caffeine: Caffeine forms a barrier and dehydrates our body. Also it prohibits iron from getting absorbed fully into our blood stream. Try and cut down on your caffeine intake slowly and steadily over the time for better nutritional value and stay hydrated.
  5. Knowing what to eat and what not to eat : Discussing about your allergies from any kind of nuts, seeds or if you’re lactose intolerant, all this needs to be discovered and discussed with your doctor. You would start exploring different tastes over the time and it would certainly help you identify what suits you and what doesn’t.
  6. Getting relief from morning sickness : Most women are inflicted with the worse kind of morning sickness. Talk to your gynaecologist as she/he would certainly help you cope up with this. With the introduction of a certain diet and meal timings, would help you resolve your nauseating issues. My first trimester was full of such nauseatic mornings and they somehow still haunt me
  7. Getting appropriate rest : But obvious, rest is the most important during pregnancy. Rest doesn’t mean to leave everything and lie down on the bed. It means to calm yourself mentally and emotionally while continuing with your daily chores. Remember you’re pregnant, not ill. Being careful with certain movements and postures, rest be assured of carrying on with your daily routine without much thinking.
  8. Prepping up yourselves emotionally for a new responsibility: Having a baby is beautiful and a totally different experience. Specially if it’s the first, but also it’s very important to practically think about how would you cope up with this 360° change. Having a baby changes your life topsy-turvy. But also by far it is the most beautiful experience that you and your partner can ever have. Try and talk your hearts out with your partner regarding how you’d cope up with the new role.
  9. Doing your daily chores safely : Continue with your work schedule and routine but try and avoid moves or postures that could harm you or threaten your baby’s life. Try and be more vigilant while performing your basic regular chores
  10. Making financial arrangements accordingly : Prepping up yourselves for a new role and responsibility and the kind of resources you would be needing in order to continue with maintaining your kind of lifestyle is equally important. Take out time to talk to your partner about going through the hospital expenses and any future investment plans you look forward to make accordingly.

There’s a lot more going on in our hearts and souls when we finally know about the new life growing inside us. What were your fears or anticipations ( if you had any ) during your pregnancy?  Let me know in the comments section below.

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Wishing you a healthy and a safe pregnancy 🙂

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Disclaimer : The above opinions are purely mine and is not a sponsored write up. These views are based on my personal experiences. One thing to keep in mind regarding pregnancy is that not everything works for every body type. So you may make a wiser decision regarding what works better for you all. Please consult your gynaecologist for any questions, queries or concerns you might have. This information cannot be used to diagnose or treat any health issues without consulting your doctor

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